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Songs for Jesus
349 CZK  kniha +CD
Songs for Jesus
Martin C. Putna
Tabula rasa Facsimile Edition
790 CZK  kniha +CD
Tabula rasa Facsimile Edition
Arvo Pärt
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. II  (sheet music)
110 CZK  noty
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. II (sheet music)
further collection of jazz and fusion tunes selected from ARTA recordings by Lubos Andrst, Laco Deczi, Jan Hala, Jan Kaspersen, Petr Korinek, Roman Pokorny, Karel Ruzicka, Rudolf Tichacek, Boris Urbanek, Josef Vejvoda, Karel Velebny, Pavel Wlosok
Three Sonatas For Harpsichord
290 CZK  noty
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Three Sonatas For Harpsichord
Josef Antonín Štěpán

The critical edition of sonatas in E flat major, E flat major and A major were prepared by Petra Žďárská. After the first printed edition preserved in the music archives of the Archbishop's Castle in KroměříĹľ.

sheet music for harpsichord or another keyboard instrument
64 pages, A4 high

Windfall Light
1999 CZK  kniha
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Windfall Light
Lars MĂĽller

The Visual Language of ECM
Edited by Lars Müller

18,5 x 26 cm, 448 pages
ca. 1300 illustrations, softcover

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