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399 CZK  CD
Herbert Joos

Herbert Joos: flugelhorn, trumpet, cornet, Thomas Schwarz: oboe, Wolfgang Czelusta: trombone, string of Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart

Der Bote
249 CZK  CD
Der Bote
Alexei Lubimov

Alexei Lubimov: piano

Duo Gazzana
319 CZK  CD
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Duo Gazzana
Poulenc, Walton, Dallapiccola, Schnittke, Silvestrov

Alfred Schnittke: Suite im alten Stil (1972)
François Poulenc: Sonate pour violon et piano (1942/43, rev. 1949)
Valentin Silvestrov: Hommage à J.S.B. (2009)
William Walton: Toccata for violin and piano (1922/23)
Luigi Dallapiccola: Tartiniana seconda (1956)

Natascia Gazzana: violin
Raffaella Gazzana: piano

239 CZK  CD
Garth Knox

Garth Knox: viola d´amore, Agnés Vesterman: violoncello
hrají skladby Gartha Knoxe, Marina Maraise, Rolanda Mosera, Tobiase Huma, Attilia Ariostiho, Klause Hubera a 3 tradicionály

El Cuchi Bien Temperado
239 CZK  CD
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El Cuchi Bien Temperado
Gustavo LeguizamĂłn

Pablo Márquez: guitar

Euridice, Chamber Music
239 CZK  CD
Euridice, Chamber Music
Alfred Zimmerlin

Carmina Quartett, Aequatuor, Aria Quartett

2. Streichquartett "mit kleinen Wellen an jedem Blattrand (wie eines Windes Lächeln)" (2003)
Euridice singt (2001-2003/04), Szene für Sopran, Oboe, Violoncello, Klavier und Zuspiel-CD
1. Streichquartett (2001/02)

Hagar´s Song
279 CZK  CD
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Hagar´s Song
Lloyd, Moran

Charles Lloyd: alto and tenor saxophones, alto and bass flutes
Jason Moran: piano, tambourine

Horizons Touched – The Music of ECM
1399 CZK  kniha
Horizons Touched – The Music of ECM
Lakes & Griffiths
· Horizons Touched includes extensive interviews with ECM producer Manfred Eicher plus over 20 specially commissioned essays on all aspects of the label’s work by an international line-up of leading music journalists and writers
· Over 100 statements from ECM’s composers, musicians, engineers and others
· Beautifully printed on quality paper, with more than 400 colour and black & white illustrations – including album covers and concert and session photos – this is a book every ECM collector will want to own
· Complete ECM discography (including associated labels JAPO, WATT, XtraWATT, JCOA, CARMO, and vinyl recordings so far unreleased on CD)

Pages: 448 (Size: 22 x 30 x 4cm; 2.4 Kgs)
165 B+W pics and 280 colour pics
hardback with book jacket, in slipcase (shrink-wrapped)
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