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F10218   [8595017421822]   released 04/2016

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Petr Kroutil - vocal, saxophone, Ondřej Kabrna - piano, Hammond organ, Vít Švec - double bass, Michal Hejna - drums, Imran Musa Zangi - percussion

Dear owner of this CD, we are pleased that you are among the lucky people who purchased this extraordinary commemorative item after having attended our concert. May it serve as a memento of the evening when you were with us and experienced one of our regular, unbridled musical performances at the jazz club AghaRTA, which we always enjoy as much as possible. One of those concerts, held on 7 December 2015, has been faithfully recorded in unedited form on this album, including the unavoidable mistakes and musical lapses. The lovely surroundings of the club are almost like home to us, a place that one might even think of as an earthly musical paradise, but where everything is permitted... Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to another encounter with you.

video "Love is all around me"

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