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Simple Music for Piano
360 CZK  noty
Giya Kancheli
Simple Music for Piano

First released in Georgian and Russian editions in 2009, this collection of "sketches" reprises pieces which Giya Kancheli wrote for film and theatre while concurrently embarking on his work as composer of symphonic and chamber music: "No wonder then, that certain themes originally intended for plays and films made their way into my larger works or that the large forms themselves sometimes contained episodes reminiscent of incidental music."

In his introduction Kancheli writes that "The simplicity of presentation does not preclude but rather encourages freedom of interpretation, particularly for those with a gift for improvising", an observation already emphasized in an outstanding recording based on these pieces, "Themes from the Songbook".

This volume includes Kancheli music from 33 films and plays, plus short texts by theatre director Robert Sturua, film directors Georgi Danelia and Eldar Shengelaya, and painter/writer/director Rezo Gabriadze (whose drawings are also scattered through the book). Text: English.

ECM 40th anniversary catalog
780 CZK  kniha
Kenny Inaoka
ECM 40th anniversary catalog

This remarkable handbook of almost 700 pages, originally conceived to accompany ECM’s 40th year celebrations, includes all of the officially released albums issued on ECM - and its subsidiary JAPO - from 1969 until 2010. Album covers are shown in colour (sometimes with alternate designs), and there is a section of Japan-only releases alongside the full international range of titles, as well as an individual album guide and capsule reviews in Japanese. All discographical information, including titles, musicians, recording locations etc. is in English, so the book will also be useful reference work for the non-Japanese reader/listener, and for collectors in general.

Catalogue editor Kenny Inaoka, currently editor-in-chief of the Jazz Tokyo web site, was ECM’s label manager in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s, working with Trio Records.

Tabula rasa Facsimile Edition
790 CZK  kniha +CD
Arvo Pärt
Tabula rasa Facsimile Edition
Songbook  (sheet music)
110 CZK  noty
Roman Pokorný
Songbook (sheet music)
album of 30 compositions by one of the best Czech jazz guitarists recorded on ARTA Records
Between Two People, Blue Point, Bromdignan, Call For Police, Expectation, Fat Choco Dancing Girl, Magic Holidays, Mr. P.D., On Frontier, Paddle Steamer, Song About You etc.
Songbook  (sheet music)
150 CZK  noty
Matej Benko
Songbook (sheet music)
album of 18 compositions for piano solo by young Slovak pianist and composer Matej Benko, whos tunes are already recorded on albums "Universality" (ARTA, F10143) and "Keporkak" (ARTA, F10131)

Absence, Distant Relative, Evening Prelude, Fishtale Tale, Follow The Whales, Fairytale About Caroline, Granny’s Room, Informations No. 1 – 8, Universality, Monkfish, Smilla
Piano Jazz Album  (sheet music)
110 CZK  noty
Karel Růžička
Piano Jazz Album (sheet music)
album of 10 compositions for solo piano by one of the best Czech jazz composer
Riff, Honeymoon Blues, Late Summer Joys, Monkey's Dance, Searching You In This Town, Lullaby of Tabor, Good News, Old Song, Happy People
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. II  (sheet music)
110 CZK  noty
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. II (sheet music)
further collection of jazz and fusion tunes selected from ARTA recordings by Lubos Andrst, Laco Deczi, Jan Hala, Jan Kaspersen, Petr Korinek, Roman Pokorny, Karel Ruzicka, Rudolf Tichacek, Boris Urbanek, Josef Vejvoda, Karel Velebny, Pavel Wlosok
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. I  (sheet music)
110 CZK  noty
The Best of AghaRTA, Vol. I (sheet music)
jazz and fusion tunes by Czech popular jazz composers, also recorded on ARTA Records Lubos Andrst, Robert Balzar, Jan Hala, Karel Ruzicka, Karel Ruzicka Jr., Emil Viklicky, Zdenek Zdenek
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