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Narozen v Čechách (Born in Bohemia)
99 CZK  kniha
Vladimír Merta
Narozen v Čechách (Born in Bohemia)

Vladimir Merta songbook from 1967 - 1989
first edition by Standa Houla-Zárybnický

400 pp., format 230x160, collages of B+W pics, paper-back

The Czech Lute
330 CZK  noty
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Adam Michna
The Czech Lute
The popular song collection (1653) by one of the outstanding musical personalities of the Baroque - Adam Michna z Otradovic.
Recorded by Ritornello ensemble (ARTA, F10075)
Special sheet music box includes 4 separate solo parts - canto, violino, organo, basso - prepared / edited by Michael Pospisil (artistic leader of Ritornello).
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