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Improvisations  (sheet music)
500 CZK  noty
John McLaughlin
Improvisations (sheet music)

 This book contains the transcriptions of my improvisations and the orchestrations I did for 5 acoustic guitars and bass-guitar, on the 4 Standards found on the CD 'Thieves & Poets'.

For copyright reasons, I am not allowed to quote the titles of the Standards on the cover of this book, but the recordings we made, were of the standards: "My Foolish Heart", "The Dolphin", "Stella by Starlight", and "My Romance". The scores follow the same sequence as the CD and consequently "Improvisation on standard #1", corresponds to the recording of the 1st Standard: "My Foolish Heart". "Improvisation on Standard #2", corresponds to "The Dolphin", and so on.

Meeting Of The Minds
500 CZK  DVD
John McLaughlin
Meeting Of The Minds

 For the first time, an intimate view of what happens at a John McLaughlin recording session. 
Filmed over a period of 5 days, during the making of John's new record "Floating Point", you can see how great musicians work together with spontaneity and vitality. For this “meeting of the minds” John invited some of the most outstanding instrumentalists including Indian vocalist Shankar Mahadevan. Through the interviews of all musicians, you will get to know how they approach John's compositions. In addition, there is an extra audio track with John commenting on the entire recording. This movie lifts the curtain on the making of music today.


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