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DGAM1701     9780192800121

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Kirill Yakovlev: kytary, syntezátory
Cyrille Oswald: tenor saxofon, flétna, klavír
Miloš Klápště: kontrabas, analogové syntezátory 
Taras Voloshchuk: kontrabas (4,7,9,10,11)
Dušan Černák: bicí nástroje (3,7)
Daniel Šoltis: bicí nástroje (2,5,6,8)
Yonga Sun: bicí nástroje (4,11)
Patrik Sas: bicí nástroje (9)
Oskar Török: trubka (9)
Karel Holas: housle (4,11)

We are a group of international musicians based in the Czech Republic and in Holland, who share a common love of both classical and improvisatory traditions. In October 2013, we went into a studio deep in the beautiful Dutch countryside and recorded our debut album: “A Golden Age” .

The music we investigated while searching for material changed our view of modern society. We realized that younger generations have, unfortunately, lost touch with the heritage of great nations such as Germany, France, Italy and Russia. Year by year, fewer and fewer people remember the names of cultural heroes of these countries and that golden age.

Since we come from diverse countries—Russia, Ukraine, Holland, South Korea, Czech and Slovak Republic—we are even more aware of the personal cultural background that each of us carries around in him. In the time we shared together recording the album, we talked about what was important to us in music and this conversation carried over instrumentally into the studio, too.

And why should that interest you as a listener? Music makes us breathe, gives us a source of inspiration and educates us. Art—and music in particular, we feel—is stronger than anything else, crossing boundaries of time and space. In short, music unites us. We hope you will feel this spirit coming through as you listen and share this journey with us.

Reviewed by Marc on 05 Nov 2016

Memories of Heaven by Cirilic starts out with an ambient piece that really has a Pink Floydvibe to it (i.e. The Endless River) and there are a number of instrumental sections on this excellent album that do remind me of Pink Floyd  This is in good part because of Cyrile Oswald's saxophone (occasionaly) and ofKirill Yakolev's guitar (more often). This being said, if you are looking for a Pink Floydsoundalike band well Cirilic is not the one. In fact they are much more of a Jazz band than a Prog outfit.

Memories of Heaven offers the listener 11 tracks of instrumental Jazz, Jazz Fusion and also hints of Prog and Ambient. In fact the music is hard to categorize because many influences can be heard, even some East European Folk music at times.  The emphasis is not on technical performance but on the music itself and what I hear is of very high quality. Personally I think that fans of bands like Snarky Puppy, Maneige and Jazz Fusion in general should really seak out this album

Memories of Heaven is a very well performed record of excellent instrumental Jazz music. My level of interest was at the top level beginning to end and this, even after a good number of spins. Memories of Heaven is an album I will keep on listening to in the future for years to come and given the enormous number of records I have, this is saying quite a lot.

For Jazz lovers and Jazz Rock fans,Memories of Heaven by Cirilic is an album not to be missed. My highest recommendation indeed!!!!

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