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1. All Blues (Miles Davis)
2. Dobru noc (Czech folk song)
3. Vuja-Dé (Robert Balzar)       
4. Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
5. Three for Tango (Robert Balzar)       
6. Zelení hájové (Czech folk song)       
7. Haunted Heart (Howard Dietz.Arthur Schwartz)
8. Inevitable (JiĹ™í LevíÄŤek)
9. Some Other Time (Leonard Bernstein)

Robert Balzar - acoustic bass
JiĹ™í LevíÄŤek - piano
JiĹ™í SlavíÄŤek - drums

The Robert Balzar Trio proudly announces the release of a new CD in November 2014! 
The album title is "Vuja-De" and it will feature original compositions along with a selection of carefully - chosen covers and standards. 
"Vuja-De" was recorded and mixed in New York City at Sear Sound Studio. 
In addition to Robert on double bass, the Trio features the great Jiri Levicek on piano and veteran Jiri Slavicek on drums. 
The release of the new album will be followed by a tour in late November. 

Stay tuned for concert dates and information regarding where you can get your copy of this great new release! 


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