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DMC00039     [8594163580049]    released 5/2012

Live concert from November 4, 2009 in Prague´s Lucerna Music Bar, where on the stage vocalist Jana Koubková celebrated her birthday.

Total time 140:56 – Picture 16:9 – Sound PCM Stereo – Menu INT – Region All

  1.  Úvod, PRAĹ˝ENA (Jana Koubková)
  2.  ÄŚERNEJ CHLAP (Jana Koubková / Lada SedláÄŤková)
  3.  SUMMERTIME (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
  4.  AFRO BLUE (Mongo Santamaria)
  5.  PANDALA (Jana Koubková / Jana Koubková)
  6.  TOHLE PIANO NASÁVÁ (Tom Waits / pĹ™ekl. ZdenÄ›k Pecka)
  7.  PRAĹ˝ENA (Jana Koubková / Jana Koubková)
  8.  PANTA RHEI (Slávek Janda)
  9.  GÁDE GÁDE (Jana Koubková / Slávek Janda)
  10.  PIPU (Jana Koubková)
  11.  ATOMOVÝ HRUBEŠ (Michal PavlíÄŤek)
  12.  Narozeniny, POUŠĹ¤ (Jana Koubková)
  13.  Bonus 1: Z BOMBAJE DO ISTANBULU (Slávek Janda)
  14.  Bonus 2: BILLIE JEAN (Michael Jackson / Michael Jackson)

Jana Koubková (vocal), OndĹ™ej Kabrna (piano, accordion, oud), Jan Keller (cello, bassguitar), Jan ÄŚervenka (drums, percussion)

Slávek Janda (guitars, vocal), Jana Koubková (vocal), Boris Urbánek (keyboards), Ivan DoleĹľálek (bassguitar, vocal), ŠtÄ›pán MarkoviÄŤ (saxophones), Michal Hejna (drums), Musa Imran Zangi (percussion)

Jana Koubková (vocal), Michal PavlíÄŤek (guitars), JiĹ™í Hrubeš (drums)

Jana Koubková is the best well known Czech jazz singer abroad (and at home of course). She is very good at scat and improvisation, went through various styles from blues and swing through mainstream, bebop, jazz-rock, latin, freejazz up to world- ethno and fusion. Her vocal Jazzboat performance is focused on jazz standards, bosanovas and latin jazz. Each of her shows bears the stamps of originality and the sense of the ambience of the place where she appears. She always manages to establish a spontaneous contact with the audience. She participatied in a large number of international festivals in this country and abroad, such as in Algeria, Ivory coast, Senegal, Lebanon, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Cuba, Russia, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania. Jana Koubková publishes in media - writes short essays, brief articles, poetry, comments.

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