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Between Angels and Muses
290 CZK  CD
Between Angels and Muses
Jaroslav Tůma

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (1656–1746)
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621)
Georg Friedrich Kaufmann (1679–1735)
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (1736–1809)
Jaroslav Tůma (1956)

organ (1708?) by Johann David Sieber in Polná

Brevnov Abbey Organ (The)

Czech late Baroque figural music by Benedictines of the Břevnov-Broumov Archabbey / Johann Valentin Rathgeber, Georg Christoph Wagenseil, Wenzel Gunter Jacob, Josef Mentzel, Erasmus Mentschel, Anonymous

Robert Hugo - organ, Hana Blažíková - soprano, Markéta Cukrová - alto, Jaromír Nosek - bass
Capella Regia Praha, directed by Robert Hugo

Canto oscuro
399 CZK  CD
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Canto oscuro
Anna Gourari

Anna Gourari: piano

Bach/Busoni: Ich ruf’ zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ
Gubaidulina: Chaconne
Hindemith: »1922« — Suite für Klavier
Bach/Busoni: Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland
Bach/Busoni: Chaconne
Bach/Siloti: Prelude in b minor

Capella regia musicalis - Ritornello
Václav Karel Holan Rovenský
Hollan's hymnal CAPELLA REGIA MUSICALIS (1693/94) is unique in the world, for several important reasons. Its relatively large format (A4) was rarely used anywhere. It was so big that it required a music stand. It was not, however, meant only to remain standing in the church as a counterpart to the liturgical books on the altar; it was intended for use in processions, schools, at table in peoples' homes, and at the bedside (for morning, evening, and wedding songs). Some of the songs seem to have come running in from a small grove, park, garden, or field-path, or, conversely, running back to them. It contains songs for a small Bohemian Ordinary, next to evensongs, songs for the congregation, solo 'arias' for professionals - the acolytes. Some of the songs allow the accompanying organist to 'shine'; others have been furnished much less modestly with parts not just for the organ but for many other instruments as well. No other nation in the world can boast such an accomplishment.
Care-charming Sleep
399 CZK  CD
Care-charming Sleep
Dowland Project (The)

John Potter: vocal, Stephen Stubbs: baroque guitar, John Surman: soprano sax, bass clarinet, Maya Homburger: baroque violin, Barry Guy: bass

Carnival Has Arrived (The)
Ritornello, Michael Pospíšil
Czech carnival folk song collection from about 1680
Ritornello, directed by Michael Pospíšil
Castrato Arias
230 CZK  CD
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Castrato Arias
David Cizner

Händel, Pergolesi, Porpora, Vinci

David Cizner boy soprano
Hipocondria ensemble – Jan Hádek: violin, Petra Ščevková: violin, František Kuncl: viola, Ondřej Michal: cello, Tadeáš Messany: double bass, Petra Ambrosi: oboe, Inge Marg: oboe, Jana Švadlenková: natural horn, Hana Suková: natural horn, Jan Krejča: theorbo, Filip Dvořák: harpsichord

549 CZK  CD
Johann Sebastian Bach

Capriccio sopra la lontananza del fratro dilettissmo MWV 992:  Inventions BWV 722-786; Four Duets BWV 802-805; Ricercar à 3; Sinfonias BWV 722-786; Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWv 903

András Schiff: clavichord

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