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Nativity - Old Czech Carols
Michael Pospíšil, Ritornello
Czech Christmas Dances from Baroque Hymnals
Ritornello (directed by Michael Pospisil): Jan Mikusek - alto, hackbrett, chamber organ; Richard Sporka - tenor, percussion; Michael Pospisil - bass, chamber organ, cornetto, chalumeux; Tomas Najbrt - lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, vocal; Jan Novotny - double bass, Baroque harp, traverso, recorder, vocal; Marek Stryncl - cello, chamber organ, vocal; Libor Meisl - violin, vocal
Písně vánoční
290 CZK  CD
Písně vánoční

christmas songs by the GINEVRA band

The name comes from the age of King Arthur - from the Scottish queen Ginevra. It was because of the fact that we were really interested in Irish and Scottish melodies.

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