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Musicus salutaris
350 czk  CD
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Jan Ignác František Vojta
Musicus salutaris

Anima mea dilecta, Sonata 1 - 3, Threnodia hujus temporis, Parthia amabilis, Arietta cordialis
La Gambetta - on period instruments
World premiere recording

Capella regia musicalis - Ritornello
350 czk  CD
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Václav Karel Holan Rovenský
Capella regia musicalis - Ritornello
Hollan's hymnal CAPELLA REGIA MUSICALIS (1693/94) is unique in the world, for several important reasons. Its relatively large format (A4) was rarely used anywhere. It was so big that it required a music stand. It was not, however, meant only to remain standing in the church as a counterpart to the liturgical books on the altar; it was intended for use in processions, schools, at table in peoples' homes, and at the bedside (for morning, evening, and wedding songs). Some of the songs seem to have come running in from a small grove, park, garden, or field-path, or, conversely, running back to them. It contains songs for a small Bohemian Ordinary, next to evensongs, songs for the congregation, solo 'arias' for professionals - the acolytes. Some of the songs allow the accompanying organist to 'shine'; others have been furnished much less modestly with parts not just for the organ but for many other instruments as well. No other nation in the world can boast such an accomplishment.
Michael Pospíšil, Ritornello
A Birding We Shall Go!
Hunting Songs of Baroque Bohemia
on period instruments
Czech Lute (The)
390 czk  CD
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Adam Václav Michna
Czech Lute (The)
popular song collection (1653) by one of the outstanding musical personalities of his time

Ritornello, directed by Michael Pospíšil
World premiere recording on period instruments
Josef Antonín Plánický
Opella ecclesiastica
twelve sacred cantatasby the Czech Baroque composer
Ludmila Vernerova - soprano, Marta Benackova - alto, Zdenek Harvanek - basso
Musica Bohemica, conducted by Jaroslav Krcek
World premiere recording
L'amor non ha legge
690 czk  3CD & DVD
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Antonio Caldara
L'amor non ha legge

Favola pastorale (Jaroměřice 1728, libreto: Giovanni Domenico Bonlini
Jaromír Nosek, Dora Rubart-Pavlíková, Václav Jeřábek, Aneta Petrasová, Ondřej Holub, Hana Holodňáková, Filip Dámec, Jiří Poláček, Juliana Synková
Ensemble Damian & Tomáš Hanzlík 

Muffat, Seger, Vaňhal, Kuichař Hesse, Brahms, Reger, Janšta
Historic Organs of the Knights of the Cross

Praha, Starck 1702 – St. Francis‘s Church
Georg Muffat (1653–1704): Toccata duodecima et ultima
Josef Seger (1716–1782): Toccaty a fugy

Český Krumlov, Christeindl-Wollers 1682 – The Church of Corpus Christi
Georg Muffat (1653–1704): Toccata decima
Jakub Janšta (1979): Improvizace – Partita

Wien, anonym 1739 – St. Charles‘s Church
Jan Křtitel Vaňhal (1739–1813): Fuga C dur, F dur 
Jakub Janšta (1979): Improvizace – Physharmonica
Jan Křtitel Kuchař (1751–1829): Fantasie d moll

Karlovy Vary, Zaus 1899 – St. Mary Magdalene‘s Church
Johannes Brahms (1833–1897): Es ist ein Ros‘ entsprungen, Herzlich tut mich erfreuen

Chlum Sv. Maří, Zaus 1895 – The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Adolf Hesse (1809–1863): Einleitung, Thema und Variationen in A dur, op. 47

Tachov, Rieger 1929 – The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Max Reger (1873–1916): Fantasie und Fuge d moll, op. 135b

Jakub Janšta, organ

Czech String Duo
290 czk  CD
In stock
Händel, Fiala, Gliere, Mozart, Paganini, Stamitz, Dvořák, Sibelius
Czech String Duo

Lucie Sedláková Hůlová - violin, Martin Sedlák - cello

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