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Symphony No. 4, My Homeland
390 czk  CD
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Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 4, My Homeland

Marek Štryncl & Musica Florea
Live recording

Organ Music
290 czk  CD
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Petr Eben
Organ Music

Sunday Music, Laudes for organ, The Sweet Chains of Love (from the Comenius's cycle Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart), Hommage a Dietrich Buxtehude

Jaroslav Tůma - organ by E.F.Walcker 1884 (Annaberg-Buchholz), Mathis Orgelbau 2014 (Brno), W. Siemann 1938 (Freising)

Music of Kapellmeisters at St Wencesla s Cathedral in Olomouc
790 czk  6CD box
In stock
Rittler, Albertiuni, Gurecky, Neumann, Puschmann
Music of Kapellmeisters at St Wencesla s Cathedral in Olomouc

CD 1 Philipp Jacob Rittler (c. 1639–1690)
CD 2 Thomas Antonio Albertini (1660–1736)
Societas Incognitorum, Eduard Tomaštík

CD 3 Václav Matyáš Gurecký (1705–1743)
CD 4 Josef Antonín Gurecký (1709–1769)
Musica Florea, Marek Štryncl

CD 5 Anton Neumann (c. 1720–1776)
CD 6 Josef Puschmann (1738–1794)
Musica Figuralis, Marek Čermák

Kopřiva, Stamic, Vaňhal
Czech Organ Concertos from 18th century
The Organ in the church of St. Ludmila in Prague
290 czk  CD
In stock
Händel, Bach, Karg-Elert, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Ravanello
The Organ in the church of St. Ludmila in Prague

Jakub Janšta: organ by Emanuel Štěpán Petr 1898 (restored by Kánský-Brachtl in 2018) 

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759), arr. Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Variationen in E-dur „Der harmonische Grobschmied” aus der Suite Nr. 5 für Klavier HWV 430

?Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750), arr. Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Capriccio aus der Toccata für Klavier G-dur BWV 916 
Adagio (Air célèbre) aus der Orchester-Suite D-dur BWV 1068 
Choral-Improvisation und Fuge aus der Motette „Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied” BWV 225

Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877–1933)
O Gott, du frommer Gott, op. 65/50 

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809–1847)
Sonate B-Dur, op. 65/4 

Oreste Ravanello (1871–1938)
Preghiera, op. 50/2 
Tema e variazioni si minore per Grand‘Organo 

Dowland, Lewitová, Merta
In darkness let me dwell...

Jana Lewitová: vocal, viola, harp
Vladimír Merta: vocal, lutes, baritone guitar, 12string guitar, bratch, viola da gamba, flutes, percussion
& guests – Zdenka Kopečná: voca, Hana Fleková: viola da gamba

The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II
290 czk  2CD
In stock
Johann Sebastian Bach
The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II

Giedré Lukšaité-Mrázková - harpsichord

Flemish double-manual harpsichord by František Vyhnálek, Hovorčovice 1995
(after Andreas Ruckers, 1640)

Hasse, Leo, Lotti, Pergolesi, Vinci, Vivaldi
Music in Prague Cathedral

Hasse, Leo, Lotti, Pergolesi, Vinci, Vivaldi

Ivana Bilej Brouková: soprano, Markéta Cukrová: mezzo-soprano
Hipocondria Ensemble directed by Jan Hádek

The choir of St Vitus’s Cathedral was also regularly performed Italian music. That was not unusual, after all, since Italy set the tone practically throughout the eighteenth century. Italian music, or at least compositions in the Italian style, form part of almost all the Bohemian music archives of this period. What is remarkable, however, is the great number and particularly selection of compositions that have been preserved at St Vitus’s...

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