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Oboe and Bassoon Works
Pavel Verner - oboe, Michael Verner - bassoon
Czech Chamber Orchestra (directed by Jana Vlachova)
the members of The New Vlach Quartet
Rožmberská kapela
Angelica belta

Štěpán Kaniak: fiddle, plucked string and wind instruments
Pavel Polášek: wind instruments, santur
Mario Mesany: wind instruments, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, artistic leader
Štěpán Mesany: wind instruments, organetto
Erika Reitschmiedová: harp, plucked string instruments
Libor Žídek: voice, percussion

guests – Šárka Langerová: voice, Ondřej Sokol: sackbut, Richard Šeda: cornett, Jan Linhart: percussion & children’s choir

Orgel-büchlein BWV 599-644 [Little Organ Book]
350 CZK  CD
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Johann Sebastian Bach
Orgel-büchlein BWV 599-644 [Little Organ Book]
Jaroslav Tůma - organ, built by Vladimír Šlajch (Borovany 2004) for St Peter church at Bruchsal, Germany
Courtly Music of the Renaissance
350 CZK  CD
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Rožmberská kapela
Courtly Music of the Renaissance
The Court of Queen Elizabeth at London, The Court of the French King at Paris, Music consorts of the German nobility, Italian courtly music, Music of the Golden Age in Spain, Renaissance music in the Bohemian Lands
Václav Karel Holan Rovenský
Capella regia musicalis - Ritornello
Hollan's hymnal CAPELLA REGIA MUSICALIS (1693/94) is unique in the world, for several important reasons. Its relatively large format (A4) was rarely used anywhere. It was so big that it required a music stand. It was not, however, meant only to remain standing in the church as a counterpart to the liturgical books on the altar; it was intended for use in processions, schools, at table in peoples' homes, and at the bedside (for morning, evening, and wedding songs). Some of the songs seem to have come running in from a small grove, park, garden, or field-path, or, conversely, running back to them. It contains songs for a small Bohemian Ordinary, next to evensongs, songs for the congregation, solo 'arias' for professionals - the acolytes. Some of the songs allow the accompanying organist to 'shine'; others have been furnished much less modestly with parts not just for the organ but for many other instruments as well. No other nation in the world can boast such an accomplishment.
Legends for organ - Petr Rajnoha
350 CZK  CD
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Josej Klička
Legends for organ - Petr Rajnoha
organ in the Smetana hall, Obecni dum, Praha
Valerius Otto
Prague Dances 1611
Suites I - VI, selection from "Newe Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden und Currenten, Nach Englischer und Frantzosischer Art"

Antiquarius Consort (on period instruments), directed by Václav Návrat
World premiere recording
Organ in Doubravnik
290 CZK  CD
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Martin Poruba
Organ in Doubravnik

Martin Poruba performs the 18th century European organ music

the organ crafted by Brno organ builder Jan Výmola in 1760 in the Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross in Doubravník

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