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399 CZK  CD
Kim Kashkashian/ Robert Levin

Kim Kashkashian: viola, Robert Levin: piano

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290 CZK  CD
Franck, Bloch
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César Franck´s Sonata in A major and Ernest Bloch´s Schelemo are two salient cello compositions both for their impressive effect on audiences and for the gruelling demands on the interpreters´ virtuoisity. The recording was made live at a galvanizing performance without a single cut, and yet, in terms of interpretation and sound quality, it can stand the strictest comparison with any studio recording. At the age of 24, the cellist Kryštof Lecian made his way into the Cambridge dictionary of world vituosos "How in Music and Musicians".

Kryštof Lecian – cello, Jan Niederle – piano
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