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Historical Organ In Dobruška II
290 CZK  CD
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Historical Organ In Dobruška II

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Robert Schumann, Max Reger, Luboš Sluka, Ferenc Liszt
The Story of Schuster's Organ (1904) or From Zittau to the Sudetenland and Onwards to Dobruška (East Bohemia)

Pavel Svoboda – organ 

Life with a Harpsichord - Lukšaité-Mrázková, Tůma
390 CZK  2CD
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František Vyhnálek
Life with a Harpsichord - Lukšaité-Mrázková, Tůma
Giedré Lukšaité-Mrázková - harpsichord
Jaroslav Tůma - harpsichord

In connection with the 20th anniversary of František Vyhnálek´s workshop, the Czech leadest harpsichord maker, we are pleased to announce an exceptional 2CD project presenting two famous Czech harpsichordists performing compositions by Byrd, Farnaby, Frescobaldi, Sweelinck, Couperin, Händel, Štěpán and Bach on 6 different instruments.
Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský
Laudetur Jesus Christus - Hipocondria Ensemble
Until historians of music finally elevated him to the status of the Bach of Bohemia, Černohorský had long been widely considered a composer for the organ. Thanks only to painstaking detective work did it become possible in subsequent years to determine the key moments of his life and, at least in part, to answer a question that to this day remains just as intriguing – namely, who exactly was
Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský?
Complete works - World premiere recording on period instruments
Michael Pospíšil, Ritornello
Upside Down or Bacchanalistica
Ritornello, directed by Michael Pospíšil

What one earth do you mean, ”Bacchanalistica”? No, don’t worry, this isn’t about some cheap vulgar approach to marketing the great Johann Sebastian (although he certainly had a great appetite for food!), or some trendy display of musicological expertise, or a hygienist’s analysis of the drinkability of water from the stream (der Bach = stream in German). Bacchanalia, in the sense of wild and opulent revels took their name from Bacchus, “the patron of feasting and drinking” – yes, when wine flowed in the streams! We might find a certain etymological association with another German word, der Bauch = the belly, which is related to our Czech word “bachor” meaning one of the stomachs of the cow. Bachanti or vaganti, was once the name given to people – mostly students – who wandered from university to university, from town to town and from inn to inn, begging, seducing, and enjoying their food and drink. From the Middle Ages the vagabond pupils and students were an element akin to the homeless of today. But...
A Birding We Shall Go!
390 CZK  CD
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Michael Pospíšil, Ritornello
A Birding We Shall Go!
Hunting Songs of Baroque Bohemia
on period instruments
František Ignác Antonín Tůma
Trio Sonatas
Antiquarius Consort: Václav Návrat - baroque violin, Simona Pešková - baroque violin, Petr Hejný - baroque cello, Přemysl Vacek - theorbo, baroque guitar, Václav Luks - harpsichord
World premiere recording
Josef Mysliveček
String Quintets
G major, E flat major, C major, A major, F major, B flat major
Sinfonia E flat major
Pro arte antiqua Praha: Václav Návrat, Jan Šimon, Ivo Anýž, Jaromír Páviček, Petr Hejný
World premiere recording on period instruments
Jaroslav Tůma
Re-imagining Smetana

improvisations on themes from the cycle of symphonic poems 'My Country' by Bedřich Smetana

Jaroslav Tůma - organs (in Vyšehrad, Hejnice, Žlutice, Litoměřice, Kladruby, Zbraslav, Mikulov, Bezděz)

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