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Harpsichord Concertos
290 CZK  CD
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Jiří Antonín Benda
Harpsichord Concertos
in G minor, B minor, F minor & G major
Václav Luks: harpsichord
& Collegium 1704
Lenka Koubková: violin
Jan Hádek: violin
Michal Kuchařík: viola
Libor Mašek: violoncello
Hasretim – Journey to Anatolia
549 CZK  CD a DVD
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Marc Sinan
Hasretim – Journey to Anatolia

Marc Sinan: guitar
Traditional musicians from Turkey and Armenia
Dresdner Sinfoniker conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer

Felix Kadlinský
Trutz-Nachtigal - Ritornello Fraucimor
Ritornello Fraucimor, directed by Michael Pospisil
Hana Blazikova - vocal, harp, drum, Katerina Dolezalova - vocal, harp, Hana Flekova - viola di gamba, Simona Holubcova - theorbo, Jana Lewitova - vocal, harp, viola, Lenka Mitasova - lutes, harp, Tereza Pavelkova - recorder, organ positive, vocal, Blazena Pechackova - vocal, violin, pochette, harp, Michael Pospisil - vocal, whistle-pipe, cornett, chalumeaux, organ positive
Václav Karel Holan Rovenský
Capella regia musicalis - Ritornello
Hollan's hymnal CAPELLA REGIA MUSICALIS (1693/94) is unique in the world, for several important reasons. Its relatively large format (A4) was rarely used anywhere. It was so big that it required a music stand. It was not, however, meant only to remain standing in the church as a counterpart to the liturgical books on the altar; it was intended for use in processions, schools, at table in peoples' homes, and at the bedside (for morning, evening, and wedding songs). Some of the songs seem to have come running in from a small grove, park, garden, or field-path, or, conversely, running back to them. It contains songs for a small Bohemian Ordinary, next to evensongs, songs for the congregation, solo 'arias' for professionals - the acolytes. Some of the songs allow the accompanying organist to 'shine'; others have been furnished much less modestly with parts not just for the organ but for many other instruments as well. No other nation in the world can boast such an accomplishment.
Adam Václav Michna
Missa super - Ritornello & Vox Bohemica
"Jiz Slunce z Hvezdy vyslo" [The Sun has Come Forth from the Star]
Ritornello directed by Michael Pospisil
featuring Vox Bohemica children choir (directed by Tomas Charvat), Vox Nymburgensis (directed by Jan Mikusek), Collegium 419
World premiere recording
Taki ochi
290 CZK  CD
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Vlastislav Matoušek
Taki ochi
almost 80 minutes solo music for shakuhachi (traditional Japanese flute)

Vlastislav Matoušek - shakuhachi
Antonín Dvořák
String Quartets
"Slavonic" E flat major, op.51
"American" F major, op.96

Antiquarius Quartet Praga
World premiere recording on period instruments
Lewitová, Merta
Topsy-Turvy World
& Other Ballads from the Mountain Meadows of Slovakia

Jana Lewitová - vocal, viola; Vladimír Merta - vocal, guitars, lutes, theorbo, psalterium, folk flutes, duduk, harmonica, Pakistan harmonium, percussion; Inge Žádná - viola da gamba; Jaroslav Kořán - percussion
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