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Leoš Janáček (1854 - 1928)
String Quartets


F1 0034   [8595017403422]   released 12/1992

String Quartet No. 1 (1923)
"Inspired by L.N.Tolstoy´s Kreutzer Sonata"
String Quartet No. 2 (1928)
"Intimous Pages"

play all Leoš Janáček:Smyčcové kvartety - Doležalovo kvarteto 45:36
I.smyčcový kvartet - Adagio 4:22
I.smyčcový kvartet - Con moto 4:24
I.smyčcový kvartet - Con moto 4:15
I.smyčcový kvartet - Con moto 5:05
II.smyčcový kvartet - Andante 6:00
II.smyčcový kvartet - Adagio 6:09
II.smyčcový kvartet - Moderato 6:22
II.smyčcový kvartet - Allegro 8:03

The Doležal Quartet
Jiří Fišer: violin
Vladimír Kučera: violin
Karel Doležal: viola
Petr Hejný: cello

"A poor, suffering, beaten woman was on my mind, the one Tolstoy wrote about in his Kreutzer´s sonata."

"Today I wrote in tones, that sweetest desire of mine. I´m struggling with her. She wins. You give birth. What lot should befall the life of that little son? What lot upon you? the way you are, falling in tears to laughter: so does it sound."

"I´m writting the third of my Love letters. I want it to be very cheerful and then to dissolve into an illusion, resembling Your picture, translucent like the mist."

"It will be a beautiful, rampant, spirited composition out of any commonality."

"Big love - weak composition. And I would like: Big love - glorious composition. And with me love is big, steady - the field is wide and the sun above, as if by day at night. Here the rich tonal harvest could arise."

"I feel just this immense joy by that composition of the quartet, inspired by our story. I was afraid whether or not I was aiming higher in my work. And I was. How could it be possible to keep myself from reveling in joy, when I´m dreaming that the Earth quakes underneath me, the sun wobbles, all around me whirls in confusion!"

"And some passages whisper so tenderly."

Leoš Janáček in his letters to Kamila Stösslová

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