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A Clear Midnight: Kurt Weill and America
399 CZK  CD
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A Clear Midnight: Kurt Weill and America
Julia Hülsmann Quartet with Theo Bleckmann

Theo Bleckmann: vocals 
Julia Hülsmann: piano    
Tom Arthurs: trumpet, flugelhorn
Marc Muellbauer: double bass
Heinrich Köbberling: drums 

Another Day In Agharta
Petr Kroutil & His Brothers

Petr Kroutil - vocal, saxophone, Ondřej Kabrna - piano, Hammond organ, Vít Švec - double bass, Michal Hejna - drums, Imran Musa Zangi - percussion

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399 CZK CD
Susanne Abbuehl

Susanne Abbuehl - voice
Wolfert Brederode - piano, harmonium, melodica
Christof May - clarinet, bass clarinet
Samuel Rohrer - drums, percussion

As Ney
399 CZK  CD
As Ney

Cymin Samawatie: vocals; Benedikt Jahnel: piano; Ralf Schwarz: double-bass; Ketan Bhatti: drums, percussion

ECM debut for a young band already making waves internationally. Cyminology proposes a unique intercultural chamber jazz, by turns poetic, sensual, melancholic, dynamic and pulsating. Based in Berlin the band features a singer of Iranian descent, an Indian drummer, a French-born pianist and a German bassist. Leader Cymin Samawatie is not only a charismatic frontwoman but also the author of most of the band’s material. She writes texts in Farsi (Persian) and sets them to her own music, often developed through improvising. As well as her own lyrics, Cymin also sings classic Sufi texts from Rumi and Hafez, masters of Persian poetry, and 20th verse of Iranian proto-feminist Farough Farrokhzãd.

Athens Concert
549 CZK  2CD
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Athens Concert
Lloyd, Farantouri

Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone, flute, tarogato
Maria Farantouri: voice
Jason Moran: piano
Reuben Rogers: double-bass
Eric Harland: drums
Socratis Sinopoulos: lyra
Takis Farazis: piano

270 CZK  CD
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Zuzana Dumková

Zuzana Dumková - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bassguitar, zither, percussions
Oskar Török - trumpet; Marcel Bárta - saxophones, basklarinet; René Pařez - electric guitar; Josef Štěpánek - steel guitar; Jakub Vejnar - bassguitar; Rastislav Uhrík - double bass; Roman Vícha - drums; Radek Němejc - conga, maracas

Business Is Bad
299 CZK  CD
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Business Is Bad
Karen Mantler

Karen Mantler: vocals, harmonica, piano
Doug Wieselman: guitar, bass clarinet 
Kato Hideki: bass

Calling You
399 CZK  CD
Calling You
Rigmor Gustafsson

 Rigmor Gustafsson: vocals, Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna

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