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přehrát album Vivaldi In Bohemia - Ensemble Inégal 66:33
1. Dixit Dominus 2:00
2. Donec ponam inimicos tuos 2:24
3. Virgam virtutis tuae 2:05
4. Tecum principium 1:59
5. Juravit Dominus 1:24
6. Dominus a dextris tuis 1:36
7. Judicabit in nationibus 1:48
8. Implebit ruinas 1:17
9. De torrente in via bibet 2:59
10. Gloria Patri 2:04
11. Sicut erat in principio 0:48
12. Et in saecula saeculorum, amen 2:35
13. Laudate pueri Dominum 1:51
14. Sit nomen Domini 2:46
15. A solis ortu usque ad occasum 1:46
16. Excelsus super omnes gentes 2:46
17. Quis sicut Dominus 2:14
18. Suscitans a terra inopem 1:19
19. Ut collocet eum 1:45
20. Gloria Patri 3:39
21. Laudate pueri Dominum, Sicut erat in principio 1:36
22. Amen 1:38
23. Magnificat 0:57
24. Et exultavit 2:01
25. Et misericordia 3:18
26. Fecit potentiam 1:14
27. Esurientes 1:51
28. Suscepit Israel 0:44
29. Sicut locutus est 1:18
30. Gloria Patri 1:43
31. Salve Regina 2:36
32. Ad te clamamus 1:51
33. Eia ergo, advocata nostra 1:30
34. Et Jesum benedictum 2:38

This is a wonderful recording of some of the Red Priest’s most popular early church pieces. It is a matter of record that his music was well known throughout that region, his op. 8 set (including the ubiquitous Four Seasons) were dedicated to Count Morzin in Prague, and he almost certainly visited that city with his father in the late 1720s.
     For this recital, they have selected Dixit Dominus (RV595), Laudate Pueri Dominum (RV600), Magnificat (RV610b – Czech version) and Salve Regina (RV617).
     Adam Viktora and his fine ensembles impressed recently in their recording of Zelenka’s Missa Purificationis Beatae Virginis Mariae, and this recording will surely enhance the reputation of all concerned. Star status (at least a front cover mention!) is given to soprano Gabriela Eibenová. While she does indeed possess an agile yet warm voice, she certainly does not outshine either of the other sopranos soloists (Hana Blažíková and Marta Fadljevičová), and the men are equally impressive (Lester Lardenoye, Jaroslav Březina and Tomas Král). The booklet notes give lots of information about the sources that have been used for the recording (as well as listing some of those known to have been lost over the years), but is slightly lacking in not mentioning the oboists or (if my ears don’t deceive me) the second trumpeter. With playing of this standard, everyone deserves credit!
     I don’t know what Viktora and Co. have up their sleeves for their next CD, but I will be looking out for it, as it is guaranteed to be both a revelation and a pleasure! Buy this recording just for the ravishing sounds of Tecum principium from the Dixit Dominus (two sopranos duetting above two cellos).

Brian Clark, pro Early Music Review, srpen 2009

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