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The 2-CD Book of Ways re-issue comes in new packaging with high-grade paper sleeves and gold embossed lettering.
Book of Ways was recorded on the 14th of July 1986 in Ludwigsburg. The sequence of improvisations has been adapted for this double album without being changed in order. The great variety of sound and rhythm here is impressive – Jarrett played alternately one or two instruments simultaneously. Beyond unmistakeable echoes of lute music and Japanese koto, the whole range of modes of expression of the clavichord comes to the fore. Upon its release Spin magazine raved: “Jarrett has been able to perform with all his accustomed inwardness and yet with paradoxically greater objectivity and force; the music, however sensitively and beautifully played, comes right at you, insists that you listen to it, demands an equivalence with your own physical existence, looks you right in the eye…”
„To my knowledge, this recording is unique in several ways. We had three clavichords in the studio, two of which were angled together so that I could play them both simultaneously, and the third off to the side. Also we miked the instruments very closely so that the full range of dynamics could be used (clavichords are very quiet and cannot be heard more than a few feet away). The two CDs were made on an off day between concerts with my Trio, and no material was organized beforehand. Everything was spontaneous. The recording was done in four hours.”           – Keith Jarrett, 2002

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