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Roman Pokorný - Jazz Perception

 F10087   [8595017408724] TT - 60:00   vyšlo 10/1998

play all Jazz Perception - Roman Pokorný 59:50
Call For Police 6:48
Paddle Steamer 7:25
Toward The End Of August 4:36
Favorite Colours 7:10
Three O'Clock Morning Blues 6:06
Curiosity Killed A Cat 6:34
Remeberance Of Last Summer 6:57
On Frontier 4:34
Fat Choco Dancing Girl 7:16
One Mysterious Dream 1:52

Roman Pokorný - kytara, Gabriel Jonáš - varhany Hammond, Petr Dvorský - kontrabas, Jiří Slavíček - bicí nástroje, Juraj Bartoš - trubka, křídlovka, Svatopluk Košvanec - trombon, Štěpán Markovič - tenor & soprán saxofon

The age of 33 in Czech is often called "Christ's years". It can be an important milestone, up to this time a young man has gathered enough knowledge and experience to know what he is heading for. Roman Pokorný (born 1966) has learned his lesson. A plasterer by profession, he grew up in Brno, the second most important centre of jazz activities in the Czech Republic, he was a member of the Chamber Jazz Trio of Jaromír Hnilička, one of the great personalities of Czech jazz. He imbibed in the atmosphere of Brno jazz clubs, prospering with the participation of the members of the Gustav Brom Big Band. Likewise he was a member of Tutu, an Ostrava - Brno ensemble which ventured towards funk-jazz, and he has led his own quartet trio. Today he presents himself as the leader of a septet project, in which he - as a bandleader - has under his command musicians considerably older than himself.

From Slovakia, which not even a new state frontier did succeed to separate from Czech jazz, he invited the Hammond organist Gabriel Jonáš (1948) and trumpet master Juraj Bartoš (1967), whose counterparts he would probably hardly find in the Czech Republic. From Prague he took one of the best and most experienced jazz soloists, trombonist Svatopluk Košvanec (1936) and a representative of still another generation, tenor and soprano saxophone player Štěpán Markovič (1958). In Prague he also found two of his contemporaries with whom he has worked in his quartet and trio formations: bassist Petr Dvorský (1966) and drummer Jiří Slavíček (1969).

In this album Roman Pokorný passes his A-level exam as a bandleader and composer. There are not many jazzmen who could select ten original songs for a CD without leaving the listener yearn for a familiar standard title. Pokorný's pieces have clear melodic themes as well as different atmospheres and moods, they don`t need to borrow from well known standards. As a bandleader, Pokorný knows exactly what he needs when solo voices come out perfectly in place. No musician's has the feeling of frustration and the result speaks for itself. At Christ's years, a new personality appears on the stage. Thank God there's no crucifixion imminent but perhaps something you might call eternal life.

Lubomír Dorůžka

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