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Everybody Goes To AghaRTA

 F10100   [8595017410024] TT = 72:03   released 10/2001

    1. Blue Point (Roman Pokorny)   6:21
      Roman Pokorny - guitar, Petr Dvorsky - double bass, Pavel Zboril - drums
    2. Wild Roses (Jan Hala)   5:27
      Rostislav Fras - tenor saxophone, Jiri Kovar - guitar, Jan Hala - keyboards, Zdenek Tichota - bass guitar, Michal Hejna - drums
    3. Dewey (Frantisek Kop)   4:14
      Frantisek Kop - tenor saxophone, Petr Malasek - piano, Martin Lehky - bass guitar, Pavel Zboril - drums
    4. Adamek (Bryan Charette)   3:54
      Laco Deczi - trumpet, Bryan Charette - keyboards, Steve Clarck - bass guitar, Andrea Valentini - drums
    5. Caravan (Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Mills)   4:13
      The Veleband Big Band: Martin Plachy - alt saxophone, Stepan Markovic & Rostislav Fras - tenor saxophones, Jiri Hala - bariton saxophone & flute, Vaclav Tyfa & Frantisek Tomsicek - trumpets, Premysl Tomsicek & Svatopluk Kosvanec - trombones, Jan Hala - keyboards, Jiri Kovar - guitar, Zdenek Tichota - bass guitar, Michal Hejna - drums
    6. Bear's Trail (Karel Ruzicka)   4:33
      Karel Ruzicka - piano, Josef Feco - double bass, Milos Dvoracek - drums

      premiere recordings:
    7. Smile Of Amaranta (Zuzana Dumkova)   6:45
      Zuzana Dumkova Group
      Zuzana Dumkova - vocal & acoustic guitar, Marcel Barta - soprano saxophone, Rene Parez - guitar, Jakub Vejnar - bass guitar, Dalibor Hocko - drums, Elvis Kititti - percussion
    8. Devil's Stones (Radek Krampl)   4:53
      Vibe Fantasy
      Radek Krampl - vibraphone, Marcel Barta - alt saxophone, Vit Svec - double bass, Pavel Razim - drums
    9. Sambamba (Mark Aanderud)   7:09
      Mark Aanderud Trio
      Mark Aanderud - piano, Vit Svec - double bass, Pavel Razim - drums
    10. Call Me Again (Bedrich Smarda)   5:12
      Bedrich Smarda - tenor saxophone, Martin Lehky - bass guitar, Pavel Zboril - drums
    11. Dream Place (Marcel Barta)   7:27
      Marcel Barta & Muff
      Marcel Barta - tenor saxophone, Beata Hlavenkova - Fender piano, Jiri Simek - guitar, Jakub Vejnar - bass guitar, Roman Vicha - drums

      unique bonus track
    12. Agharta '91 (Zdenek Zdenek, Peter Binder)   11:21
      Zdenek Zdenek - keyboards, Frantisek Kop - soprano & tenor saxophones, percussion, Peter Binder - guitar, vocal

      All songs published by ARTA Music except Caravan by EMI Mils Music Inc.

Why You Definitely Have to Own This CD:
- You'll get a superb selection of the best modern Czech jazz bands regularly performing at the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum.
- You'll find out the complete history of the AghRTA Prague Jazz Festival.
- You'll be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, the most popular jazz club in Prague.
- You'll receive the CD originally designed by Jiri Votruba.

The AghaRTA Jazz Centrum opened its doors on 29 September 1991, the day after the death of the greatest pioneer and innovator in jazz, Miles Davis - the club is named after his legendary album from 1975. For more than ten years now, the best modern Czech jazz ensembles have performed here. Apart from highlights from the ARTA Catalogue (our label), we have also included premiere recordings by new groups that have been gaining increasing attention from the listening public. The CD also includes a unique bonus track by Naima, one of the foremost Czech jazz groups of the early 1990s. Zdeněk Zdeněk dedicated his composition Agharta `91 to the opening of our club.

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