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F10193   [8595017419324]   released 3/2012

play all Doublewell - Adam Tvrdý Trio 55:30
Surround Change 5:29
Another Blues 6:26
When I Look at You 7:05
Accompanied Solitary 5:37
The Rain 5:04
Early Sunset 6:05
Emotion Capture 5:04
Doublewell 8:49
On the Last Date 5:49

  All compositions by Adam Tvrdý

Adam Tvrdý – electric and acoustic guitars, guitar looper
Tomáš Baroš – acoustic bass / Martin Novák – drums
Petr Dvorský – acoustic bass / Jan Linhart – drums

Adam Tvrdý is a guitarist and composer with a multi-genre and intense expression. In his interpretations and improvisations he focuses mainly on his original musical ideas with all respect to traditions and vocabulary of the musical style. Adam plays guitar since age of six and later learns to play bass guitar and drums. Since childhood he’s influenced by blues and classic rock, especially by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. Later he discovered the music of Miles Davis and starts to fully focus on Jazz. The first main influences were guitar players Pat Metheny, George Benson, and John Scofield. Adam’s original music could be labeled as contemporary or modern Jazz with elements of his most influential genres e.g. Blues, Classic Rock, Modern and classical jazz, Latin music, Classical music.   

Born in Liberec, Czech Republic in 1976. Resident of Prague since 1997. Attended the Berklee Summer Jazz Workshop in 1997. Educated at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague (KJJ). Received an award the best soloist at the Karel Velebný’s Summer Jazz Workshop in 1995. Professional guitar player and music tutor since 1998. 2HP Production / ARTA Records, Lublaňská 57, 120 00 Praha 2, e-mail: 2hp@arta.cz In the years 2000-2005 Adam lived in the USA where he performed throughout the country and joined the jazz scene of New York City. While in NYC he has collaborated with some excellent jazz artists e.g. bass players Essiet Essiet, Jason Fraticelli, David Phillips, pianists John Serry, Joe Ashlar (piano and Hammond organ), drummer Tony Moreno, singer Kendra Shank, and others. In the Czech Republic Adam plays with some of the best jazz musicians e.g. Tomáš Baroš, Petr Dvorský, František Uhlíř, Antonín Gondolán, Jiří Stivín, Jan Linhart, Jiří Slavíček, Svatopluk Košvanec, Štěpán Markovič, Ondřej Štveráček, Rostislav Fraš, and others. Adam teaches guitar lessons in English and Czech at the International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague, and privately.


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