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Everybody Goes To AghaRTA, since 1991

F10200 [8595017420023] TT = 69:30   released 07/2011

1 VOLCANO  (Boris Urbánek) 9:20
Rhythm Desperados: Volcano (F10150)
Michal Žáček – soprano saxophone, Boris Urbánek – keyboards, Martin Lehký – bass guitar, Michal Hejna – drums, Pavel Plánka – percussion

2 BEHIND THE CLOUDS (Martin Brunner) 6:30
Martin Brunner Trio: Behind The Clouds (F10176)
Martin Brunner – piano, Martin Kapusník – double bass, Petr Mikeš – drums

3 GROOVE ROOTS (Jan Hála) 5:09
Limited Edition: Groove Roots (F10166)
Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet, Rostislav Fraš – tenor saxophone, Přemysl Tomšíček – trombone, Jan Hála – electric piano, Vít Švec – double bass, Pavel Razím – drums

4 LITTLE EXPLORER /for Alfred/ (Matej Benko) 8:07
Matej Benko Quintet: Time Against Us (F10173)
Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet, Radek Zapadlo – tenor saxophone, Matej Benko – piano, Tomáš Liška – double bass, Pavel Zbořil – drums

5 DOWNTOWN STREET (Luboš Andršt) 5:08
Luboš Andršt Group: Moment In Time (F10172)
Luboš Andršt – guitar, Ondřej Kabrna – keyboards, Zdeněk “Wimpy” Tichota – bass guitar, Michal Hejna – drums, Imran Musa Zangi – percussion

6 THE TOGER'S VOICES (Jakub Dvořáček) 5:34
Noční Optika: Strojek z půdy (F10195)
Štěpán Zbytovský – flute, Miroslav Nosek – guitar, Jakub Dvořáček – piano, Hammond organ, Jan Keller – bass guitar, Jan Linhart – drums

7 MAYBE LATER (František Uhlíř) 5:16
Emil Viklický Trio: Ballads and More (F10161)
Emil Viklický – piano, František Uhlíř – double bass, Laco Tropp – drums

8 I DON'T THINK ABOUT IT (Madfinger/Markéta Foukalová) 4:12
Madfinger: Secret Message (F10170)
Markéta Foukalová – vocals, Matouš Kobylka – tenor saxophone, David Walter – Keyboards, Viktor Jerman – guitar, Radim Genčev – bass guitar, Ondřej Pomajsl – drums
guests: Radim Vychopeň – flute, Leona Prokopcová – backing vocals, Lukáš Martínek – live hand-clapping

9 BRAIN TEASER (Jaroslav Šimíček) 5:51
AghaRTA Gang: There Is Hope (F10175)
Štěpán Markovič – tenor saxophone, Boris Urbánek – keyboards, Vít Švec – double bass, Michal Hejna – drums

10 TERMINATOR BLUE DAY (Ondřej Kabrna) 4:59
Ondřej Kabrna Trio: Timeways (F10181)
Ondřej Kabrna, piano, keyboards, Jakub Antl – bass guitar, Lukáš Pavlík – drums

11 CAYMAN (Karel Velebný) 3:57
Veleband: Jazz Non Fables “After The Years” (F10069)
Jan Hála – arranger, conductor, Juraj Bartoš – trumpet, Václav Týfa – trumpet, Svatopluk Košvanec – trombone, Zdeněk Pulec – trombone, Martin Plachý – alto saxophone, Štěpán Markovič – flute, solo tenor saxophone, František Kop –tenor saxophone, Jiří Hála – flute, baritone saxophone, Stanislav Mácha – keyboards, Peter Binder – guitar, Aleš Duša – bass guitar, Michal Hejna – drums, Pavel Plánka – percussion

12 IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING (Oscar Hammerstein ll, Richard Rogers) 5:26
Vlasta Průchová & Swinging Q: Tonight (F10027)
Vlasta Průchová – vocal, Zdeněk Zdeněk – piano

Why You Definitely Have To Own This CD:
You’ll get a superb selection of the best modern Czech jazz bands regularly performing at the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum.
You’ll find out the complete history of the AghRTA Prague Jazz Festival.
You’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, the most popular jazz club in Prague.
You’ll receive a CD with an original design by Jiří Votruba.

The AghaRTA Jazz Centre opened on Krakovská street in Prague on 29 September 1991, on the day following the death of one of the world’s greatest pioneers and innovators of jazz, Miles Davis. The centre bears the title of his famous album from 1975. Thirteen years later, on the same day, 29 September 2004, the club moved to a new venue on Železná street. For more than twenty years, the club has been hosting some of the best modern Czech jazz ensembles. This CD contains a representative selection of their music. All the recordings are taken from the catalogue compiled by ARTA Records, our publishing label, featuring in equal measure both old friends and the new faces of Czech jazz. You’ll have the opportunity to compare musicians and composers active on the Czech scene for more than 20 years with those who have only recently begun to earn recognition. The collection also commemorates two legends of Czech jazz: the unforgettable Karel Velebný, who sadly missed playing in the AghaRTA Jazz Centre by a few months but is still with us nonetheless; and “the first lady of Czech jazz”, Mrs Vlasta Průchová, whose regular performances during the first few years of the club’s existence were always superb.

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