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F10216   [8595017421624]   released 11/2016

play album After Midnight in Frýdlant - Wetzel - Rissmiller 5 O´Clock Big Band 47:40
1. Mark & Rose 4:00
2. NW (New Waltz) 5:52
3. Correspondance 6:19
4. Los Zapatitos 6:11
5. Trump & Bone 6:48
6. Pennies From Heaven 03:28
7. After Midnight 7:22
8. CIT 7:38

1. Mark & Rose (Josef Fečo)    4:00
    soloist: Richard Hora – trumpet

2. NW (New Waltz) (Rostislav Fraš)    5:52
    soloists: Rostislav Fraš – tenor saxophone, Josef Fečo – double bass

3. Correspondance (Ľubomír Šrámek)    6:19
    soloists: Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet, Ľubomír Šrámek – piano, 
    Rostislav Fraš – tenor saxophone

4. Los Zapatitos (Neil Wetzel)    6:11
    soloists: Lukáš Bořek – alto saxophone, Neil Wetzel – alto saxophone

5. Trump & Bone (Miroslav Hloucal)    6:48
    soloists: Přemysl Tomšíček – trombone, Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet, 
    Ľubomír Šrámek – piano, Gary Rissmiller - drums

6. Pennies From Heaven (Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke)    3:28
    soloist: Silvie Šírová – tenor saxophone

7. After Midnight (Miroslav Hloucal)    7:22
    soloist: Miroslav Hloucal – flugelhorn

8. CIT (Neil Wetzel)    7:38
    soloists: Josef Fečo – electric bass, Rostislav Fraš – tenor saxophone

Neil Wetzel – Gary Rissmiller 5 O’Clock Big Band 
saxes: Lukáš Bořek, Marcela Mádlíková, Frederick Barr, Rostislav Fraš, Silvie Šírová, Nela Dusová, Anežka Smotlachová 
trombones: Přemysl Tomšíček, Zdeněk Borecký, Martin Houserek, Jan Ptáček, Tereza Drvotová 
trumpets: Miroslav Hloucal, Václav Hloušek, Jaroslav Kohoutek, Richard Hora 
piano: František Krtička, Ľubomír Šrámek, Patrick Kerrsen
keyboards: Patrick Kerrsen, vibes: František Krtička,
double bass, bassguitar: Josef Fečo, vocal: Aleš Benda 
drums & percussions: Gary Rissmiller, Ronald Bogart 
directed by Neil Wetzel 

“This CD has been produced in part by funding from Moravian College (USA) and the Moravian College Faculty Development and Research Committee.”

We would like to thank:
- the mayor of Frýdlant Dan Ramzer as well as the city council for their moral and finacial support
- all the tutors, students, past and present, and the fans of the Karel Velebný Summer Jazz Workshop for the neverending affinity.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Karel Velebný and Karel Růžička

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