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First released in Georgian and Russian editions in 2009, this collection of "sketches" reprises pieces which Giya Kancheli wrote for film and theatre while concurrently embarking on his work as composer of symphonic and chamber music: "No wonder then, that certain themes originally intended for plays and films made their way into my larger works or that the large forms themselves sometimes contained episodes reminiscent of incidental music."

In his introduction Kancheli writes that "The simplicity of presentation does not preclude but rather encourages freedom of interpretation, particularly for those with a gift for improvising", an observation already emphasized in an outstanding recording based on these pieces, "Themes from the Songbook".

This volume includes Kancheli music from 33 films and plays, plus short texts by theatre director Robert Sturua, film directors Georgi Danelia and Eldar Shengelaya, and painter/writer/director Rezo Gabriadze (whose drawings are also scattered through the book). Text: English.

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