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F10228   [8595017422829]   vyšlo 11/2017

přehrát album Josef Fečo And Young Gypsy Generation 58
1. Gypsyland 5:47
2. First Time 6:57
3. Estate 5:04
4. Place St. Henri 3:58
5. Lenka 7:41
6. Passion Dance 4:52
7. Everything I Love 6:52
8. Oci ciorne 4:57
9. Dolphin Dance 9:09
10. Bob a Bobek 3:29

Josef Fečo: kontrabas
Andrej Farkaš / Dominik Klempar / Drahoslav Bango: klavír
Martin Fečo: bicí nástroje

I would like to express my gratitude to all the new jazz musicians who bring quality to the jazz scene despite their young age. I wanted to make this record together with young Roma musicians and get them some exposure this way.They are extremely talented players. Andrej Farkaš (23), Dominik Klempár (23),Drahoslav Bango (22) and Martin Fečo (17). Andrej, Dominik and Drahoslav have just finished their Bachelor’s degrees at JAMU in Brno and Martin is a current student at the International Conservatory of Prague. I want to thank them this way for their excellent performance and professional approach in the studio. Guys, you were amazing.



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