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Courtly Music of the Renaissance
350 CZK  CD
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Rombersk kapela
Courtly Music of the Renaissance
The Court of Queen Elizabeth at London, The Court of the French King at Paris, Music consorts of the German nobility, Italian courtly music, Music of the Golden Age in Spain, Renaissance music in the Bohemian Lands
Rombersk kapela
Angelica belta

Štpán Kaniak: fiddle, plucked string and wind instruments
Pavel Polášek: wind instruments, santur
Mario Mesany: wind instruments, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, artistic leader
Štpán Mesany: wind instruments, organetto
Erika Reitschmiedová: harp, plucked string instruments
Libor ídek: voice, percussion

guests – Šárka Langerová: voice, Ondej Sokol: sackbut, Richard Šeda: cornett, Jan Linhart: percussion & children’s choir

Studio Svengali, December 2022
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