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1  Discover Who I Am (John Wallowitch)
2  Snow In The Backyard (JiĹ™í Levicek)
3  Event Horizon (JiĹ™í Levicek)
4  Hope (Robert Balzar)
5  Ĺ˝ivý (Filip Jelínek)
6  Just For Her (Robert Balzar)
7  Day Off (Robert Balzar)
8  Never Before (Robert Balzar)

Robert Balzar - acoustic bass
JiĹ™í LevíÄŤek - piano
JiĹ™í SlavíÄŤek - drums

The new release from the Robert Balzar Trio, featuring pianist Jiri Levicek who joined the Trio in late-2012! The CD is built around an eclectic mix of songs, some originals by both Robert and Jirl Levicek, as well as some arrangements of carefully chosen covers. The album was recorded at Sear Sound in New York City with multi-Grammy Award winning engineer James Farber manning the board (Brad Mehldau, John Scofield, Avishai Cohen, etc.). The disk was mastered in NY by the equally celebrated Mark Wilder.

Producer Dan Stomierosky says, "The guys played their hearts out and the session was fantastic! James captured a very rich, natural sound for the Trio and I can't wait to get this project out the door so people can hear it!"


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