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290 Kč CD

Sacred Music
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Rediscovering unjustly forgotten composers and their music is a fine experience and adventure at the same time, and this CD offers music-lovers both. J. J. I. Brentner (1689 - 1742) was one of the most successful Czech composers of his time (measured by the number of compositions published in print). Thanks to missionaries, his music got as far as South America only to lapse into total oblivion after his death for more than a quarter of a millennium. The demands that his beautiful melodies place on performers gives one an idea of how accomplished the instrumentalists and singers of his time must have been. Our CD (world recording premiere) was made using period musical instruments in Baroque surroundings by the group Ensemble Inégal specializing, in particular, in historically enlightened interpretation of 17th- and 18-th century music. Please, accept our invitation to the realm of lovely sounds and joy of discovering the as yet unknown.

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