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F10143   [8 595017 414329]   released 5/2006

play album Universality - Matej Benko Trio 64:52
1. Distant Relative 7:37
2. Absence 6:23
3. Fairytaile About Caroline 7:16
4. Loro 5:38
5. Granny's Room 5:53
6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 8:26
7. All Fool's Day 7:10
8. Universality - Piano Intro 2:24
9. Universality 7:54
10. Chan Chan 5:57

All songs published by ARTA Music
except Lôro , Smoke Gets In Your Eyes , Chan Chan

Matej Benko: piano
Jan Greifoner: double bass
Branko KriĹľek: drums


Six years ago, a trumpet player from Trutnov, Jan PĹ™ibil, founded a group called No Borders, working with drummer Branko KriĹľek and doublebassist Jan Greifoner, his collaborators from earlier projects. The pianist was a young Slovak who was in his first year of studies in Prague at that time, Matej Benko. The group made its mark on the domestic jazz scene with interpretations of works by contemporary jazz artists. The band continued as a quartet until its founder left for health reasons. The remaining three members sought other soloists for long-term collaboration, but after some time they realized that the trio line-up was most suitable for them. The next three years saw them performing as a trio as well as backing up Eva Emingerová (CD “Sophisticated Lady“), Jana Koubková and other artists. Individually, the trio members also worked on other projects (Benko in the Vít Švec Trio – CD “Keporkak“, KriĹľek with Elena Suchánková, Greifoner with J. J. Jazzmen, etc.) 2006 marks the release of their first trio recording as well as a change in name; the former No Borders is now named after the trio’s leader.

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