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299 Kč CD

Coram angelis psallam tibi Domine
Johann Sebastian Bach, anonymous

Schola strahoviensis – Gorazd Krušina, Ambrož Šámal, Jan Samiec, Řehoř Žáček, Christian Pšenička
Jakub Janšta – organ in Chyšky

In this performance by the Schola of the Strahov Premonstratensians, traditional liturgical songs blend in unique harmony with the organist Jakub Jansta, who introduces the new organ at Chysky with his improvisations and the compositions of J.S.Bach. The organ, constructed by the Italian organ builder Giovanni Pradella, has the noble task of stirring and rousing not only the space of the church but, above all, the souls of the listeners to the glory of the Triune God. This recording is an expression of gratitude to all those who supported the ‚Pradella organ project‘.


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